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Stop the headache

Stopache: Splitting Heads

Brief Explanation: To develop mindshare for an emerging headache pill brand in a highly competitive market.

Describe the brief from the client: To promote STOPACHE as the perfect solution to migraine, we show the extreme pain that it causes.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: We created a 3D installation that looks like an ordinary poster. As you move to the side, you realise that the poster is in fact cut to many different parts. Bringing a great deal of attention to the perfect solution: STOPACHE. The poster targeted people in one of the most chaotic places around i.e. shopping centre. It was installed near pharmacies and inside the supermarkets.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: More than 10,000 visitors saw the poster. The poster created a lot of buzz and word of mouth.

I don’t know how the jury evaluates pieces on the festivals, but I may believe that if a print ad needs an explanation like this one, the piece doesn’t deserve an award. However, I like the solution they did for this client. It really calls the attention and it is a good example on how the creativity can be in the media and not the design.

Via adsoftheworld

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