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Never steal ideas JWT Publicis TBWA DDB

1. JWT – Kathmandu

2. Saatchi & Saatchi – Botswana

3. Publicis Hepta – Azerbaijan

4. TBWA / ADAPT – Nairobi

5. Openeyes DDB – Kazakhstan

You don’t want to end up there. Beware of copycats.

First of all let me explain what is the company about. Joe la Pompe is a website dedicated to find ads that are very similar in concept or execution. They put it one next to the other and put the “less original” as the second one that published. I agree with the idea that all creatives must know what’s going on in the world so they never repeat something already done. However in this ads I think they are being a little bit insulting with this agencies in those countries. Maybe is true I don’t want to work there, but maybe those agencies are doing great stuff and that people is actually looking for not repeating ideas. I don’t know if these agencies are well-known for stealing ideas but if not, they should have come up with big name of agencies in countries where they don’t exist. Design wise I like the simplicity of the ad. I like they did the logo in the center small so you can actually have to come closer to get the message. The logo of Joe la Pompe direct me with the arrow to the website so it is effective.

Art Director: Georges Kyrillos

Copywriter: Chris Jabre, Joe

Published: April 2011

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Stop the headache

Stopache: Splitting Heads

Brief Explanation: To develop mindshare for an emerging headache pill brand in a highly competitive market.

Describe the brief from the client: To promote STOPACHE as the perfect solution to migraine, we show the extreme pain that it causes.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: We created a 3D installation that looks like an ordinary poster. As you move to the side, you realise that the poster is in fact cut to many different parts. Bringing a great deal of attention to the perfect solution: STOPACHE. The poster targeted people in one of the most chaotic places around i.e. shopping centre. It was installed near pharmacies and inside the supermarkets.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: More than 10,000 visitors saw the poster. The poster created a lot of buzz and word of mouth.

I don’t know how the jury evaluates pieces on the festivals, but I may believe that if a print ad needs an explanation like this one, the piece doesn’t deserve an award. However, I like the solution they did for this client. It really calls the attention and it is a good example on how the creativity can be in the media and not the design.

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What can you do wit Y&R

Y&R: Creativity

Y&R: Energy

I like the simplicity and the high contrast in this ad. However, conceptally I think they just let the competition to make a series of words that won’t talk as good as these 2 about that agency. Just saying. I haven’t seen them but it won’t impress me if someone do.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Kiev, Ukraine

Creative Director: Dmitry Barsukov

Art Directors: Anastasiya Tymoshchuk

Copywriter: Igor Tulub

Published: March 2011

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Some really Big & Shiny Letters

Typography Inspiration

Very good type for display and very good technique to show an ad made of copy. I don’t understand the blue stain in the right, but I might think that’s just part of what this screen show is about.

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Typefaces by @daniel_nelson

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #779

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #779

I like how this designer plays with the typography and the elements around them. In the first one it look like the serifs are trying to scape from the type and the second one gives that sensation of connection that relates with the copy. I also like the colour treatment in the two posters.

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Photoshop me

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #788

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #788
It is incredible how different photoshop techniques can get a picture to look. This picture I found in Abduzeedo shows and impecable work of aging a woman. This skills in advertising and movies are really important.

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Encouraging message

The society has their own opinion about graffiters, they do have about society too. The stencil of the cop reminds me some of Banksy’s work.

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